Thursday, March 1, 2012

Revlon Colorstay Nail Polish in BLUE SLATE featuring Spoiled's Pet My Peacock

So I love painting my nails..dont tell anyone but I probably change my nail polish atleast twice a week. Lately I have been loving the new Revlon Colorstay nail polishes, so MUCH that I cant bear to take it off. I have been rocking the same color for almost a WEEK!  I own quite a few of these (just counted them..quite a few can be 7 right?) and I'm thinking of doing a review. I hate the regular Revlon nail polishes but these...these right here are something special.

 The color I am wearing is 280 Blue Slate. It comes off as a creamy looking blueish teal. Beautiful for Spring! I bought the Revlon nail polishes at Walmart for about $4.99.

I've been loving glitter so I glammed it up with Spoiled's Pet My Peacock. This glitter nail polish is gorge, with blue, green, purple, silver and gold sparkles. You can get Spoiled at CVS for $1.99.

 I think I'll do a more in depth comparison post later on! Have you tried the new Revlon Colorstay nail polishes?What are your thoughts?

What are your thoughts on glitter nail polish? besides it being a beast to get off....after all, gettin glammy aint easy :-)

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