Tuesday, February 28, 2012

BOLD Lips! ~ Drugstore Edition~

So normally I am a nude pink lipstick kind of girl...but lately I've been admiring the bright bold lips people have been sporting, in preparation for Spring. So I hit up my drugstore and chose a few beautiful bright lipsticks that were calling to me. I got two Maybelline colorsensational lippies and one Revlon superlusterous lipstick. The Maybelline colors are Fuchsia Fever and Coral Crush. The Revlon color is Siren.

They look pretty intense right?

Fuchsia Fever, Coral Crush, Siren (L to R with flash)

So from the look of these lipsticks I was expecting to have to really work with them, but they turned out to be really wearable!

Maybelline Coral Crush (no flash)

Maybelline Fuchsia Fever (no flash)

Revlon Siren (no flash)

I am loving these colors. Covergirl had some nice ones but they were all broken up, I'll have to try those next. What are some of your favorite drugstore bold lipstick colors?

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